Espace Jeux Poker espouses responsible gambling

Technology has brought a lot of convenience to the modern world. Practically everything now is easily available; travel, communications, medicine, access to information and the way we do things and live our life are so much faster and arguably better than in years past. Banking, shopping and recreation can be done from the comforts of your own living room, without ever having to step a foot out of the house. True, we have it easy, but some also argue that this has led to certain societal ills and concerns.

Take the case of virtual recreation, specifically online gambling. Because this can be done at any time of the day with a mere click of the computer, it can then be abused, leading to problems. It is thus important that portals which offer such entertainment adopt certain practices that promote responsible gambling. One such site is Espace Jeux poker, and this review lists things they have introduced along this line.

Espace Jeux poker has adopted certain rules that promote responsible gaming from the onset, that is, upon sign up of account. Only adults (those over 18 years old) are allowed to open an account, and the site adopts a three-step process for sign-up. First, a valid credit card in the name of the potential gaming account owner is required. Most, if not all card issuers, adopt a stringent process of ensuring that their card holders are at least 18 years, and this is put to good use by the site. Then, an email address is required so that a notification can be sent of the account creation. Finally, a written letter is sent by post to the provided address. To further strengthen this process, a child block software is being considered by the site.

Next, it provides detailed statistics and information about the player's financial transactions onsite. This will help him self-monitor his gaming habits and adopt corrective or preventive measures as necessary. Relatedly, traditional banking options, such debit and credit cards and wire transfers, are available for two-way movements of funds. This is especially helpful in cashing in on winnings and even canceling a deposit to the gaming account.

Espace Jeux poker also ensures that the people behind its site understand the importance of responsible gambling, and thus provide appropriate training. Its principles and practical explanation are thoroughly explained and regularly updated to personnel.

Finally, the site undertakes risk potential analysis of the games it offers through a software and consultations with experts. This way potential abuse by the game design of its players' vulnerabilities may be avoided.

With these, Espace Jeux poker has shown that it takes responsible gambling seriously.

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