Poker Bluffing Techniques for Newbies

In the game of poker, deceit is a healthy activity that you should engage in often. It's the single most popular strategy of the game. Poker bluffing techniques contrast depending on a player's specific style. New players may learn as a natural result of participating in a number of games and recognizing these tactics being pulled by opponents. Done correctly, this strategy can really make a difference in the outcome of your hands and sets you apart from weaker players. However, it should not be done haphazardly.

The Power of Deception

When an opponent bluffs, it gives him power for he is withholding true information from the other player's to give himself an edge. While it's not something you want to overuse, it is good to do it occasionally since players that never bluff come off as easy prey to competitors. Still, there are some aspects to keep in mind before using this strategy in a game.

Successful Subterfuge

One of the absolute best poker bluffing techniques is to maintain a balance of how often and when you use this tactic. As mentioned before, if you never do it you could compromise your style and make your maneuvers easy to read for challengers. Doing it too much also causes problems. If a competitor does it unreasonably he will be called out and this may jeopardize his hand if he does not have what he claimed.

Say When

The most opportune times to use these techniques will vary from game to game. However, like in all gambling strategies, your focus should be on maximizing winning hands and minimizing loosing ones. Therefore, if you bluff successfully in a hand in which you might have had to fold, the strategy proved useful. On the other hand, it also may be wise to use deceit when you have a superb hand but would like to make other opponents think you don't, thereby increasing the pot--and your winnings--as a result.

Pots and Pretenses

It seems to most experienced players that poker buffing techniques are best used when a particular pot is reasonably large. More money in the pot means that you have a greater chance of earning because you may only need a decent hand to gain a share of the winnings.

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